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Caledonian Access supplies ATEX Approved Access Platforms and equipment off the shelf ready to get to work in your hazardous areas.

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Safe Working At Height in Hazardous Environments.

Caledonian Access supplies ATEX Certified Access Platforms and equipment available off the shelf and ready to get to work in your hazardous areas.

With best-in-class safe working at height solutions from tracked Easy Lift Access Platforms to the innovative Pecolift and Ecolift non-powered push-around Access Platforms from Power Towers by JLG, Caledonian Access are the Scottish experts in cost-effective Safe Working At Height in ATEX environments. We provide ATEX solutions to the Oil & Gas and Distilling industries and wherever access is required in an explosive environment.

Tracked ATEX Certified Spider Lift

Easy Lift R130

  • ATEX Certified 
  • Lift Capacity 200kg 
  • Working Height: 12.2 m
  • Weight: 1700 kg
Power Towers by JLG
ATEX Certified Non Powered Access

EcoLift Low Level Access

  • ATEX Certified 
  • No Power required 
  • Small footprint (1.28 m x 0.7 m) 
  • Working Height: 4.2 m
Power Towers by JLG
ATEX Certified Non Powered Access

Pecolift Low Level Access

  • ATEX Certified 
  • No Power required 
  • Small footprint (0.99 m x 0.7 m) 
  • Working Height: 3.50 m

ATEX is the term that covers the two European Directives for controlling and working in 'explosive atmospheres', but what is an explosive atmosphere?

An explosive atmosphere is caused by substances in the air, such as gases, vapours or dust. If enough flammable substance is present, a simple spark (such as metal to metal contact) could cause an explosion.

Where are explosive atmospheres likely to occur?

High risk workplace environments include gas and petrochemical plants, sites where paint and chemicals are in use, petrol stations, saw mills, flour mills and distilleries.

High risk environments are protected by detailed risk assessments, safety rules and regulations that governing safe working practices on site. As part of this all equipment brought onto site must be 'intrinsically safe' (known as ATEX approved).

What does 'Intrinsically Safe' mean?

'Intrinsically Safe' is the term used for equipment for use in hazardous environments and explosive atmospheres. Due to the risk of combustion all equipment used is guaranteed to not cause a spark or reach high temperature - both of which are ignition risks.

Any equipment that is not 'intrinsically safe' is assumed to be capable of causing a spark and must not be brought onto site in explosive atmosphere environments. 

Equipment cannot be 'self certified' as it must feature the ATEX / Ex approval to confirm official certification. 

What is ATEX Approval?

ATEX is the European certification given to equipment tested and approved to be intrinsically-safe.

There are two European Directives in place for the control of explosive atmospheres:

  • Directive 1999/92/EC (also known as 'ATEX 153' or the 'ATEX Workplace Directive')
  • Directive 2014/34/EU (also known as 'ATEX 114' or 'the ATEX Equipment Directive')

With official ATEX certification, the equipment has been fully tested and approved to be safe to use in hazardous / explosive atmospheres. ATEX approved equipment must show the official 'Ex' logo as shown here.

ATEX Access Platforms - Off the Shelf 1

If equipment does not have ATEX approval and does not feature the Ex logo shown, it must not be used or brought onto site in explosive atmosphere areas.

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